Policies & Conditions of Sale

Payment Terms

  • Standard Terms: Payment is 1% 10, Net 30 from invoice date, for approved accounts.
  • Past Due Accounts: A finance charge of 1.5% per month will be charged on all invoices not paid within 60 days of the invoice date.
  • New Orders for Past Due Accounts: No new orders will be shipped on past-due accounts.

Restocking and Handling Charge

Only upon written consent from Anteo USA, Inc. may any liftgate or part be returned to the factory. If returned, subject to written permission and a Returned Goods Authorization number, the liftgate or part will be subject to a minimum 15% of invoice restocking and handling charge.

  • Special orders CANNOT BE CANCELLED once in production.


  • All material will be shipped by Anteo USA, Inc. FOB. plant of manufacture or regional warehouse and shall be shipped by the most suitable method as determined by Anteo USA, Inc.
  • Delivery by Anteo USA, Inc. shall be made within a reasonable period of time based upon availability. Anteo USA, Inc. assumes no responsibility for delays during shipment due to causes beyond its control.
  • Material shall be packaged by Anteo USA, Inc. as required to assure common carrier acceptance.
  • A packing slip and bill of lading will be supplied with each shipment referencing the buyer’s purchase order number and Anteo model and serial numbers.
  • All claims by buyer for shortages or damage in transit are to be made promptly to the shipper, and a copy forwarded to Anteo USA, Inc.

Claims for Damages or Shortages

All shipments from Anteo factory or regional warehouses are FOB and are the property of the customer once they leave Anteo USA, Inc.’s or the regional warehouse’s dock. As with all freight delivery, it is the receiver’s responsibility to note shortages and/or damages on their delivery freight bill. Consequently, all damage or shortage claims are the responsibility of the Distributor and are to be placed promptly by the Distributor with the freight carrier.

Specification Changes

Anteo USA, Inc. reserves the right to make changes in manufacturing to comply with current or new engineering specification changes where applicable.

Paint - Shipping & Storage

Every Anteo liftgate has been treated with KTL hexacrylic electro-cataphorese painting process. No additional paint is required unless shipping or installation damage or outdoor storage exposure has deteriorated the Anteo paint. Anteo USA, Inc. will not be responsible for shipping or installation damage or outdoor storage exposure that has marred or otherwise deteriorated the Anteo paint.

Installation Compliance & Procedures

Before installing any liftgate, please observe the Vehicle Loading Limitations. These loading limitations are outlined in the Vehicle Owner’s Manual and the Safety Compliance Certification Label located on the driver’s door pillar. Liftgate installers are to treat vehicles as incomplete and are therefore responsible for vehicle compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations, including but not limited to all lighting Regulations (see FMVSS 108) and all rear-view visibility requirements (see FMVSS 111). Installers must also follow the procedures and specifications as detailed in Anteo installation instructions, including ensuring the proper placement of all warning decals.

Owner’s Manual & Operating Instructions

Liftgate installers are to take appropriate steps to ensure the customer/owner is aware that all warnings and instructions outlined in Anteo owner’s manuals must be followed when operating any Anteo product. Liftgate installers must also ensure that the Anteo owner’s manual is placed in the glove compartment of any installed vehicle and must also provide appropriate instructions to operators of said vehicles and Anteo liftgates.


Anteo liftgates are industrial products FOR MATERIAL HANDLING ONLY and are not to be used as a personnel or wheelchair lift. For safe handling and operating instructions, visit

Warranty Limitations, Limitations on Woodbine’s Liability and Indemnification

The modification of any Anteo product in any manner not approved by Anteo USA, Inc. immediately voids all warranties. Anteo USA, Inc. shall not be held responsible for any damage resulting from the use of a modified Anteo product, or one that was not properly maintained. The maximum liability of Anteo USA, Inc. resulting from anything it did or did not do with respect to a Anteo product shall be the price paid for that Anteo product. Anteo USA, Inc. will not be responsible for any loss of profits, goodwill, business opportunity or consequential damages. Recipients accepting shipments of any Anteo product agree to indemnify, defend, protect, and hold Anteo USA, Inc. harmless from and against any and all losses, damages, claims or expenses of whatever form or nature, including attorneys’ fees and other costs of defense that Anteo USA, Inc. may incur in connection with any acts or omissions related to the use or misuse of an Anteo product and/or the unauthorized modification of an Anteo Product.

Governing Contract Terms

The terms of these Anteo USA, Inc. Policies and Conditions of Sale apply regardless of any terms or conditions of sales put in any documents and sent to Anteo USA, Inc. by other parties, unless Anteo USA, Inc. specifically agrees to such other terms in a written document signed and dated by an authorized representative of Anteo USA, Inc.. If there is a conflict between Anteo USA, Inc. Policies and Conditions of Sale and any other parties’ terms, the Anteo USA, Inc. Policies and Conditions of Sale shall control and govern.




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