Cantilever Liftgates

With five cylinders for lifting and memory setting operations, a large platform loading area and 1,800-6,600 pounds lifting capacity, users can easily lift and level loads on any terrain.
anteo cantilever liftgate

The F3CL38’s extreme flexibility and desirable features make it an easy choice.

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up to 3800 lbs
Platforms up to 86 x 102
anteo F3CL49 liftgate

In addition to all the features of the F3CL38, the F3CL49 offers an additional 1,1,00 pounds lifting capacity in a compact design.

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up to 4900 lbs
Platforms up to 102 x 102
anteo F3CL66 liftgate

The F3CL66 is at the top of its engineering class. With added dynamic leveling and 6,600 pounds of lifting capacity, this Cantilever is both versatile and strong.

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up to 6600 lbs
Platforms up to 102 x 102
anteo F3CL18 liftgate

The F3CL18 offers the capabilities of a robust cantilever liftgate in a lighter package.

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up to 1800 lbs
Platforms up to 78 x 98

Cantilever liftgates from Anteo offer large and lightweight platforms for trucks and trailers  that can be loaded from any side..Easily lifted with hydraulic controls and dynamic leveling that compensate for terrain of all grades, a cantilever liftgate is an ideal solution for any business that specializes in distribution, logistics, telecommunications or other industry where delivery is crucial to operations. By definition, a cantilever is a rigid structure element that extends horizontally and is supported at one end. Liftgate technology from Anteo offers a seamless transition from ground to truck bed level for up to 6,600 lbs. Utilizing a control panel positioned near the rear of the vehicle, or optional auxiliary foot controls, the liftgate operator can navigate up to 6,600 lbs from ground to truck bed level.