Warranty Guidelines

A. Standard Warranty

Anteo USA provides a limited warranty against faulty materials or workmanship. This limited warranty against faulty materials or workmanship applies for (2) years from the date of purchase for the REP Series models, F3RE Series models and, F3CL Series models. For complete details, see “Warranty Guidelines” in the price book or online.

The return of any affected parts must follow the procedure set forth at #4 of the “Warranty Claims Handling Procedure” which is also set forth on this page.

All affected parts must be returned to the factory prepaid within 30 days – with full credit issued for those found to be defective. Warranty replacement parts will be shipped by UPS Ground from the factory prepaid. If the affected part is not received within 30 days, the transaction shall become a standard part sale and invoice shall be due immediately.

Labor charges to install warranty replacement parts shall be paid in accordance with Anteo USA’s estimated repair time guide and a flat hourly rate established by Anteo USA. Deviation from the warranty times listed must be authorized by Anteo USA in advance.

The warranty does not include damage resulting from improper installation procedures. Parts must be installed according to Anteo specifications.

Anteo USA will not pay labor for removing other equipment to gain access to Anteo equipment. Anteo USA will not pay labor for time on the road to and from a service call.

Anteo USA reserves the right to disallow or reduce claims for parts which have been damaged due to misuse, abuse, accidents or improper shipping; or parts which have been incorrectly or unnecessarily replaced.

The warranty is void if the product has been subjected to other than normal use. There are no warranties, express or implied, including the warranty of merchantability or a warranty of fitness for a particular purpose extending beyond that set forth above.

B. Warranty Claims Handling Procedure

The following procedures are required when an authorized distributor submits a warranty claim for a defective Anteo part:

  1. Before any expense is incurred, but after the problem has been diagnosed, the authorized distributor should contact Anteo USA’s Warranty Department to discuss the problem and provide the following information:

    - Anteo model number.
    • Anteo serial number.
    • Anteo part number involved and a description of the apparent problem or defect.
    • Liftgate owner’s name, address, and phone number.

      1. If it is determined that the condition is potentially covered by Anteo USA’s warranty, the authorized distributor will receive instructions on how to proceed. A decision will be made to either replace the product or part in question.

      2. If the product or parts are to be repaired, the authorized distributor will receive a Warranty Request Number.

      3. If the product or parts are to be replaced, the authorized distributor will be instructed to either hold the parts for inspection by a representative, in which case the authorized distributor will receive a Warranty Request Number, or the authorized distributor will be asked to return the product for inspection to Anteo USA, in which case the authorized distributor will receive a Return Goods Authorization Number. Under no circumstances are parts to be returned without a Return Goods Authorization Number.

      4. After the repair or replacement work is completed, the authorized distributor will submit the claim to Anteo USA with the following information:

    • Anteo USA Warranty Request and/or Return Goods Authorization Number.

    • Authorized distributor performing warranty work.
    • Person responsible for warranty work (contact). -Distributor from whom liftgate was purchased.
    • Action taken, cost involved, complete with work orders and parts expense invoices.
  2. If defective parts are to be returned to Anteo USA, they:

    • Must be packaged for each individual warranty return. No multiple warranty claims in the same box.
    • Must be returned “freight prepaid” to Anteo USA’s location.
    • Must be clearly marked with the RETURN GOODS AUTHORIZATION NUMBER on the outside of the package.
  3. Warranty claims must be submitted by the authorized distributor on behalf of their customer as part of their customer assistance.

    • Warranty claim acceptance or rejection is based solely upon defective part inspection and a review of the claim date (outlined in step 5 above) as they apply to the requirements of the Anteo Warranty. Claim reimbursement after acceptance is governed by those allowances previously agreed upon between Anteo USA and the authorized distributor (as outlined in steps 1-4 above).

Any warranty claims submitted without a Warranty Request Number or Return Goods Authorization Number and the necessary information will be denied.