Tuckunder Liftgates

The Tuckunder Series features an efficient and streamlined design that accommodates bed-heights from 37- to 59-inches. Lightweight, compact, and powerful the Tuckunder Series combines sleek and modern engineering with 2500-4400 pounds of lifting capacity.
anteo REP25 liftgate

Lightweight and compact, the REP25 is more than capable with 2,500 pounds of lifting capacity.

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Up to 2500lbs. Capacity
Platforms up to 41 x 78
anteo REP33 liftgate

With a lifting capacity of 3,300 pounds and tilt-up level-ride functionality, this liftgate is durable and customizable, perfect for a variety of applications.

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Up to 3300lbs. Capacity
Platforms up to 56 x 78
anteo tuckaway liftgate

Lightweight for its class and capacity, this liftgate features wide arms, dual lifting cylinders, and tilt-up level-ride design. This is a robust tuckunder for the toughest environments.

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Up to 4400lbs. Capacity
Platforms up to 62 x 86

Tuckunder style liftgates are mounted to the frame of the vehicle and “tuck away” underneath the body when not in use by the operator. With lightweight aluminum platforms ideal for pallet sized loads, Anteo tuckunder liftgates come standard with Power Down and tilt-up level ride functionality, platform safety flags and 2-function pendant control. Perfect for fleet trucks, semi-trailers, box trucks and delivery services, tuckaway liftgates offer hydraulic power  in a compact and sleek package. Optional parts and accessories include reinforced steel bed extensions up to 102 inches, platform lights and in-cab shut-off switch. Contact an Anteo dealer near you to discover which platform solution is the best for your business.