The Tuckunder Series features an efficient and streamlined design that accommodates bed-heights from 37- to 59-inches. Lightweight, compact, and powerful the Tuckunder Series combines sleek and modern engineering with 2500-4400 pounds of lifting capacity.

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Lightweight and compact, the REP25 is more than capable with 2,500 pounds of lifting capacity.

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Up to 2500lbs. Capacity
Platforms up to 41 x 78
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With a lifting capacity of 3,300 pounds and tilt-up level-ride functionality, this liftgate is durable and customizable, perfect for a variety of applications.

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Up to 3300lbs. Capacity
Platforms up to 56 x 78
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Lightweight for its class and capacity, this liftgate features wide arms, dual lifting cylinders, and tilt-up level-ride design. This is a robust tuckunder for the toughest environments.

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Up to 4400lbs. Capacity
Platforms up to 62 x 86